stareyed_fics (stareyed_fics) wrote,

CSI fic- Logic

Title: Logic
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Summary: I was hopped up on too much chocolate last night, so this came out. It's crackfic; enjoy.

"The wound should make it obvious."

"Move, Greg."

"I totally agree. You can easily rule out more than half of the weapons by the wound alone."

"See, Sara's on my side."

"You're both not looking at it the right way. You have to rule it out. Use logic."

"We are, Nick. Also, if he collapsed in the hall, there should be a blood trail or at least spatter. The direction he's facing should give you the ability to eliminate again half of the rooms."

"Yeah, then test the guests' hands for GSR, or blood under the fingernails. If he was strangled, then they should have rope burns on their hands, not to mention around the body's neck, thereby ruling out all the other weapons."

"We should have never let him become a CSI. His delusions are growing."

"He's right, though."

"Thank you, Sara. You know, this bottle's huge. They could have conked him on the head with it or poisoned him. Also, who finds a wrench during a dinner party?"

"Or a length of pipe."

"I know!"

"So, are you going to run it, or what, Greg?"

"Yeah, yeah. Okay, Professor Plum, in the conservatory with the wrench."

Tags: csi
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