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I have really waaay too many WiPs.

Excerpts from: 3 Lost, 10 CSI, 1 G/E RPS, 1 Wicked, 2 Original.


Redshirt PoV
Rick loped up to his suitcase in the cave and grabbed the sunglasses and practially jammed them on his face. "Kelly, you gotta see this. Kate and Sun started a garden a little while ago and it's really growing." He took the short path to Sun's garden and gave it his now customery scan, slow and thorough. "I was thinking it looked a bit like that garden you had at the house in Richmond. Yeah, it's more exotic, but you had the same neat rows."

My favourite OFC and Hurley
The day after Hurley's walkman died, he sought out Anna, finding her humming something as she braided some rope.

"Hey, Anna?"

She smiled at him, bright and soft. "Hi Hurley."

Future fic, Jossed the day after it was written
Jack stopped. He reached out and touched my forehead, then glanced at my pupils. "Shar..."

"I'm not hallucinating," I protested. "And if I am, it's catching because Nora sees her too. She just came out of the jungle with her kid. Jack, It's Claire."


High school case fic
Kit in hand, Sara entered the small girls change room, the florescent lights on in addition to the usual bulbs around the mirrors. She read the tape over each set of hangers; Mrs Sowerberry, Bet, Oliver, Strawberry seller, Heather- orphan/Fagin's/OPP, before reaching 'Nancy- A'.

A battered leather jacket,lining ripped and frayed, hung above black jeans and an Oliver shirt. The black kit in the corner contained make-up, hairpins and, oddly enough, surgical tape. Sara photographed it all before bagging everything. She carried the bags out and set them and her kit down just on stage. Grissom and Nick were conferring centre stage and she joined them. Nick held a few photos and Grissom was carrying a file folder.

Five Things That Never Happened to Sara Sidle
"Agent Hansen."

Sara frowned at the unfamiliar voice on the other end of the phone. "I'm sorry, I must have dialed the wrong extension. Can you transfer me to Agent Spade?"

"Agent Spade? I'm sorry, but, uh, one moment please." The now flustered woman put her on hold and Sara's frown deepened, adding a tight feeling to the middle of her chest.

"This is Agent Taylor. Can I help you?"

"Danny! It's Sara Sidle, from CSI Las Vegas. I was calling for Sam, but I must have dialed the wrong extension and then this woman put me on hold... What's going on?"

Greg angst fic
Greg didn't think he'd ever wanted anything so much in his life. More than getting into Harvard, more than being hired by the number two crime lab in the counrty, more than being a CSI himself. Right now he'd have given everything he's got and everything to come to be the girl Nick just kissed goodbye in the parking lot.

Random prompt from L-Bat
"Who's idea was this?" Sara asked, water running off her nose as she hugged herself. She lifted her feet out of the mud one at a time, but it really didn't help that much. She squinted across the field, but the players were figures in the downpour. She couldn't even tell Bobby from Nick.

Greg looked at Catherine, who looked at Grissom. Grissom shook his head.

"They wanted to try soccer this year instead of softball. I believe we can all blame Conrad."

Home on the Range
"Mandy, this is Greg Sanders. Greg, this is Miss Amanda Paris. She's Rachel's youngest."

"Please to meet you," Greg said, shaking her proffered hand.

"Oh!" Sudden comprehension dawned on her face. "You're Uncle Nick's Greg!" A few of the adults in the room chuckled and Nick almost managed not to blush.

Greg grinned at her. "I am."

Nick's Birthday
Fifteen minutes later he was climbing into his Tahoe, almost fully awake and wishing he had the night off. Trying to decide whether to stop at Starbucks or brave the break room coffee, he spotted the metal travel mug in the cup holder. Twisting open the top, he inhaled the scent of Greg's very special blend, the stuff he wouldn't even bring to work. Taking a sip of the still hot coffee, Nick started the truck, caffine and something else buzzing in his veins.

Nick was mad about something. I don't remember what.
In the end, his heart's girly and unabashed love for Nick overruled his brain's conflict self-preservation instinct and he closed his locker. Nick was leaning on his open locker door and looked up at the sound. He'd obviously been so deep in his thoughts he hadn't even registered the presence of anyone else in the room.

Nick is Mr. Nice Guy
Through the open door, Nick saw Grissom passing by and hailed him.

"What is it Nick? You're off the clock." He squinted at Nick holding Sara's arm.

"And so is Sara. She's way too sick to work. I'm taking her home."

Grissom scrutinized her and nodded. "Good. You don't want to contaminate evidence. Call in if you don't think you can make it in tomorrow night." Sara nodded grudgingly and he left, the door swinging shut and she sat again.

The third part of the Sam/Sara Go Prolift series
"Sam, take Nick to Tara Lee's last known address. Danny, you and Sara find out everything you can on her. Martin, Viv, find Jenni Dawson." Jack stood, ending the conversation, and headed back to his office.

Danny stood as well and smiled at Sara. "Shall we?" Sara collected her files and stood herself. "Sam," he asked, "can Sara use your computer? Might be faster if we can multitask."

"Sure, no problem," Sam said, nodding. "Danny'll show you where it is," she told Sara. Sara nodded back and let Danny lead her to Sam's desk.

She sat down, setting her files beside the keyboard and her kit where an unsuspecting agent wouldn't trip over it. A red dot on the wall caught her eye and Sara saw the red fingerprinted Pro-Lift card she had sent Sam tacked to the wall. A small smile quirked her lips as she turned the moniter on.

A Sam/Sara AU
It was New Year's Eve and Sam couldn't believe she was in Las Vegas. She and two girl friends hopped on a flight on a whim, all dolled up, giddy with spontanaity and just a little too much champagne. They'd managed to find a party, carried on in by a group of guys who wanted to know if they were just like the Sex in the City girls. They 'lost' the frat boys once they got in and hustled off to the bathroom to regroup.

Sam was waiting for Kelly to come out of the stall when another woman came in. She looked like she was escaping the party and leaned over the sink, taking a breath. She looked up and met Sam's eyes in the mirror, giving her a shy smile. Sam smiled back before Kelly blasted out of the bathroom stall, a laughing whirlwind of red hair and grabbed Sam and Gabriella.

G/E RPS after the '05 PCAs
"I know. I know; I... I get it, but it's hard, you know? I mean, you could go with Gary and it'd be fine, but we can't because... well, because of a lot of stupid reasons." Eric slid off the counter to get some cream and returned to sit beside Jorja, fidgiting with his mug. She touched his hand with one finger and he looked up at her and smiled.

"I know," she said softly. "It's stupid, but it's the world we have right now and you can't change it over night. We will one day, but not tonight."

"But it's not fair," Eric exclaimed after a moment, startling Jorja. She looked up at him as he stalked across the kitchen floor, tugging on his hair. "It's just not fucking fair."


After the End- Musical-verse
It didn't take as long as they had thought for the rumours to die down. A mere five years later the Wicked Witch of the West was a fireside story, a cautionary tale for children to behave, or they too could become Wicked.

Outside of Oz, the story had always been just that, a story and one very few people found truth in. Most assumed it was metaphorical. The witch's skin wasn't really green, it symbolized her descent into jealousy and wickedness. Flying on a broom simply indicated her loss of temper, flying into a rage.

Elphaba laughed when she first heard their rationalization. "Do they not believe in any magic, these people?"

Original fic

Beth and Susanna
Their fingers are touching gently, hidden between them under layers of poodle skirts. Crammed into a booth of the Main Street Diner with their schoolmates, they laughed as Dick dragged Mary Ellen to dance in the aisle, spinning her expertly to Rock Around the Clock.

Susanna looked at Beth, fingers itching to push back the blonde wisp that had escaped from Beth's ponytail. Beth tucked it behind her ear herself and smiled at her, their secret giving their looks special meaning.

The Two
Hallie looked at the empty space at the end of her sister's bed and tried to smile. "Hi," she said. "I'm Hallie and this is Abby. I'm sorry about that, but Abby can only see you, she can't hear you. But I can and I'm here to help, okay? What's your name?"

A quavering boys voice answered her. "Mark. I'm scared, Hallie."

"It's okay to be scared." In an aside, she asked Abby, "Sweets, can you see what's wrong?"

Abby regarded the boy who stood in front of her. He was dripping wet and his lips were blue. His hair was plastered to his head and his soaking pyjamas clung to his body. "He's all wet. Dripping." Then she frowned. "But, he's in his pjs."

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