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Harry Potter fic- Checkmate

Title: Checkmate.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Very mild Ron/Hermione
Rating: G. Pure fluff.
Summery: Takes place immediately after 'Wizard's Chess'

Ron Weasley's life had been perfectly fine, thank you very much. He went to classes, hung out with his friends, was put in mortal danger once a year and was fine with that. It was tradition. But now... Now, he had a problem. Hermione had kissed him. Even though he had checked in the mirror three times since coming upstairs from the common room, he was sure there was a bright red lip print on his cheek, right where she had pressed her lips. He knew it wasn't lipstick; there wasn't anything there, he was being paranoid, but he could feel it. He rubbed his cheek again and headed over to his bed.

"Ron, you all right?" Harry, his best friend, asked from the next bed. "You've been awfully... twitchy since you came upstairs."

"Fine," Ron replied, trying to sound calm. He got into bed and tried to ignore the hot spot on his cheek. He buried his face in the cool pillow and desperately hoped for sleep.

The next morning, he was thundering down the stairs from his dorm when he smacked into one of the fifth year girls. She shrieked in surprise and Ron grabbed her around her waist to stop her from falling.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Ron exclaimed just as Hermione did. They both froze.

"Ron?" Hermione said after a moment. Ron had one palm flat on her stomach and the other on her side and he let go as if she had burned his hands.

"Sorry! I was just - I mean, uh,"Ron stammered, blushing.

"Breakfast?" Hermione suggested, also a little flushed.

"Yeah!" Ron exclaimed gratefully. He gestured for Hermione to go down the stairs first just as Harry came down behind them. He paused at Ron's chivalry and shrugged, letting Hermione, then Ron, go down.

Hermione had a book propped up on the table at breakfast. She was using it mainly to keep from making eye contact with Ron, but there was a section on levitation charms that was particularly interesting. Once she had finished levitation, she went back to avoiding Ron.

Why had she kissed him? It was a crazy, impetuous thing to do; something she never did. Why start now? Just because she liked him was no reason to do anything to jeopardise their friendship and now it looked like she had. She stifled a moan and reached for the toast. Her fingers brushed someone else who was also toast-bound and she looked over her book. Her and Ron's eyes locked and they both dropped their respective pieces of toast. He blushed furiously and she ducked back behind her book.

"Ron?" Harry asked. He was seated across from Ron, beside Hermione.

"What?" he asked guiltily.

"Don't you want your toast?" Harry handed Ron the piece and gave him an odd look.

"Right, sorry. My, uh, fingers went numb." He winced at how lame that sounded. Harry produced another odd look, but let it go.

Ron managed to keep busy in Transfiguration (turning a box into a badger), but he was thinking on the toast incident when he dropped into his usual seat in History of Magic. Hermione put her books onto the table beside him and Harry on her left side. Ron looked up, but too late. What was he supposed to do, ask Harry to switch with Hermione? "So sorry, but can you switch because I have a crush on Hermione?" Hermione exchanged a look with him, but was stopped from trading with Harry when Professor Binns started the lesson.

Ten minutes into the lesson, the class had dropped into their usual stupor. Parvati Patil was doodling robe designs on her parchment, Lavender Brown was passing a note to Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan was asleep. Even Hermione was drowsy; she had been up late worrying about The Kiss. Her head was resting on her left hand and her right was dangling beside her.

Ron snuck a look at Hermione out of the corner of his eye. Then, ever so casually, he let his left arm drop so it hung beside Hermione's. Very slowly he moved it until it was brushing hers. She started and looked at him, but didn't move her hand. She left it there, touching his, until the bell rang. They both yanked their hands away and Hermione smacked hers against the table. Her eyes watered and she bit her lip, cradling her hand. Ron looked guilty and swept up her books with his.

"Jeez, Hermione, don't you ever, I don't know, leave some of these in your room?"

"Well, what if I need one for something?"

Ron shook his head at her lunacy, but manfully carried them back to the common room.

"Thanks," Hermione said. She spread them out on one of the tables and took out her parchment. She gave both Harry and Ron that look that said 'Shouldn't you be doing something like this, too?' and both boys sighed and set out their books.

"Oh, forgot my Divination book. I'll just kip up and get it. Harry, you want me to grab yours?"

"No, that's all right. I'll get it myself." Harry stood and followed Ron up to their dorm. Once they were inside, he turned to Ron. "Okay, so what's wrong with you today? You've been behaving strangely - breakfast, carrying Hermione's books. What is it?"

Ron, who was looking under his bed, kept rooting around. "Dunno what you're talking about, mate. We're fine." He realised his gaffe as Harry zeroed in on it.

"We? Who's we? Hermione and you? What has Hermione got to do with - Oh! Realisation dawned on him. "You like her!"

Ron stood up, clutching his Divination text. "No, you're way off. Really, there's nothing..."

"I'm right!" Harry exclaimed triumphantly. "Ha! I should have guessed after that whole thing with the Yule Ball. Well, does she like you back?" He leaned in.

Ron flushed a bright crimson. "Uh, I think so," he admitted.

Harry grinned. "That's brilliant! Best of luck, and all that. C'mon, we'd better get back." He grabbed his Divination book off his chair and left the room. Ron shrugged, then followed.

Hermione looked up as they settled back into their seats. "I was wondering if you'd jumped out the window to avoid homework. At least then one of your predictions would have come true."

"Thanks, Hermione. I'll have to use that one!" Ron opened his chart and scribbled in a new line. "There: Owing to Jupiter's alignment with Mars, I'll suffer from a great fall'."

"Brilliant. Then I can say... because of, uh, Mercury's aspect, I'll be squished by you. Perfect." Harry tossed down his quill with a flourish.

"Why can't you just take a civilised subject, like Arithmancy?" Hermione asked. She bit her lip and squinted at her equation. "Hmm, does that look right to you?" The boys exchanged befuddled looks.

"Yeah, sure."


Hermione gave them both smiles and shook her head. Under the table Ron stretched his long legs out to keep them from cramping and accidentally kicked Hermione. Her head snapped up. "Sorry," he muttered and she smiled softly.

Ron loosened his tie and ran his hand through his hair. His hand stopped halfway through his red hair when he felt the side of Hermione's foot against his. He completed the motion and gulped. Harry shot him a look, but amused this time. He sat perfectly still, afraid to move anything, especially his foot. Hermione looked up at him from her homework.

"Don't you have Divination to finish?" she asked casually. Ron nodded and pulled his parchment closer.

The three friends sat in comfortable silence until people started to trickle out. Harry looked up from his almost completed Potions essay and glanced at his watch. "Wow, it's getting late. We should probably go to bed now. Ron and I have Quidditch practice in the morning." Ron nodded his assent sleepily. He was warm and content to stay here in a soft armchair watching Hermione through his lashes. "Ron," Harry insisted, "c'mon."

"Coming," Ron grumbled. He stood and started to gather his papers.

"Goodnight Hermione," Harry said.

"Oh, goodnight. See you tomorrow." Hermione smiled at Harry as she pushed her History of Magic essay away and stretched her back. Harry nodded and headed up the stairs.

Ron picked up his last scrap of parchment. "Well, goodnight Hermione."

"Goodnight, Ron."

Ron passed her chair on his way to the stairs, then stopped. He looked around the almost empty common room. Two third years were absorbed in their homework and Dennis Creevey was asleep on the floor with a book over his face. Ron walked back to Hermione's chair and she looked up.

"Ron, did you forget something?"

"This." Ron leaned over and kissed her on the lips. After a moment, they parted and Hermione smiled, a little surprised.

Ron grinned back at her and turned, heading back up the stairs. Hermione touched her lips and closed her books. There was no way she was going to be able to study now.
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