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CSI/WaT fic: Edge of Jumping In

Title: Edge of Jumping In
Fandom: CSI/WaT
Pairing: Sam/Sara
Rating: PG
Summary: Sequal to Natural

A week after she got back from Las Vegas, Sam still had Sara's words stuck in her head, replaying over and over life a skipping CD.

"I wish you didn't have to go," and it wasn't the words exactly, but how she'd said them. Like she'd realized she meant every word.

"Sam." Martin's voice pulled her out of her reverie and she looked up to see him leaning over her desk. "Your phone's ringing."

Surprised she hadn't heard it before, Sam answered and held the reciever on her shoulder as she hunted for a pen. Martin dangled his and she accepted it, smiling gratefully as she copied down the information the police officer was giving her. Martin headed back to his desk, a curious look on his face.

"Jack," Sam called, turning away from her desk. "They've got a woman who saw Paul Keller an hour before he was due to show up for his shift."

"Where?" he asked, Martin looking up as well.

"A bodega on the other side of town."

"Take Martin and follow that. Danny and Viv should be back from their interview with Keller's sister soon."

Inwardly, Sam groaned, but she nodded and followed Martin to the elevator. The last thing she wanted right now was to spend time in the car with him and his insatiable curiosity.

Sure enough, once they'd eased into traffic, Martin started. "What's going on?"

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, trying to appear distractedly absorbed in the file open in her lap.

"You've been in a daze since you got back from your personal time. Are you okay?"

Sam gave him a smile, touched at his concern. "I'm fine, thanks. Maybe I just wish I was back in the desert."

"The desert? You went to the desert? Why?"

Sam smiled through her instinctive panic. "It's very relaxing. Almost... spiritual if you can get past the heat, but I've never had a problem."

Martin nodded, accepting her answer. "Sounds great. Maybe I'll have to try it sometime." Fortunately he let it go and Sam let herself get lost in memories of the Vegas sun.

She forced her mind back to the case when Martin pulled up in front of the small bodega and they got out to question the owner. Now was not the time to be thinking about laying on Sara's balcony with the sun beating down on them, feeling drowsy and warm. With effort she followed Martin's questioning and managed to make coherent notes.

The ride back to the office was spent throwing ideas back and forth and they'd hammered out a pretty solid theory by the time the elevator doors opened on their floor. Danny and Vivian were giving Jack their report, so Sam and Martin headed to their respective desks. Sam logged on to her email and found a note from Sara.

-You forgot your FBI t-shirt here and I wanted to let you know I slept in it and you're never getting it back. I'll send you a forensics one instead.
Love, Sara
PS: Good try with the leave-behind.

Sam grinned and shot back a quick reply, happily picturing Sara sleeping in just her tshirt before rejoining Martin at the conference table.


"Hey you."

Sam smiled at the sexy drawl in Sara's voice. "You always answer your cell phone like that?"

"Oh, sorry, I thought it was Nick."

"Ha ha."

"How are you? Glad to be back home?"

"Well, I have this great image of you in my shirt. The only problem is, I really like that shirt. Think I could get it back?"

"I don't know... You might have to come and get it yourself."

Sam laughed quietly, making sure no one left in the office could hear her. She was just finishing paperwork from the Keller case and the office was quiet and sparsely populated, making it the perfect time to catch her graveyard shift girlfriend before she left for work.

"Maybe I will. Sara?"


Sam paused, thinking hard about her next words. She knew what she wanted to hear, but was she ready for what she didn't want to?

"Did you mean what you said before? About wanting me to stay?"

There was silence on the line for a moment and Sam could hear the low sounds of the diswasher in Sara's kitchen. Then, Sara took a deep breath.

"I want... I want to watch you pick out your shirt every morning and mix up our laundry and share shampoo and meals and learn to like those black and white movies you love so much." Sara let the breath out in a shuddering exhalation. "I want you to come to visit and never leave."

Sam blinked rapidly filling eyes at Sara's soft admission and smiled. She took a set of papers from her top drawer and signed and dated them. "Sara? There's something I need to do. Call me when you get to work?"

"Uh, okay..." Sara said, sounding confused and a little hurt.

"Okay, bye." Sam hung up the phone and strode into Jack's office, papers in hand. She handed them to him and he glanced over them before looking up at her, bewildered.

"What's this?"

"It's a transfer request." Sam locked her hands behind her back to keep from fidgiting.

"I can see that. Why?"

"Personal reasons."

"You want me to transfer you Las Vegas and all you'll give me is 'personal reasons'?" Jack looked like he was gearing up, but Sam's next words stopped him cold.

"I met someone. From Vegas and I'm transferring there to make it work." Jack just looked at her and she sighed. "Either you transfer me to the Las Vegas FBI branch or I'll have to quit."

Jack managed to look away, scrawling his signature and handing the forms back.

"Thank you."


"Agent Spade."


"Hi." Sam's voice shifted from professional to the voice she only used with Sara and Sara gripped the phone closer to her ear, trying to get as close to it as she could. "Listen, I'm sorry about earlier."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... It's just you asked and I... You know what, never mind. Just forget I said anything."



"I didn't hang up because of what you said." A pause and then she continued. "You're at work?"

"Yeah. Sam, what's going on?"

"Go stand by the fax machine."

"What? Sam..."

"Just humor me, please?" Sam hung up and Sara sighed, leaving the locker room to find the fax machine, muttering about stubborn FBI agents under her breath. A moment after she located it, it began to spit pages.

Sara picked them up and bypassed the standars 'addressee only' disclaimer. The second sheet contained too much legalese, but the names in the filled in blanks caught her eye and she stopped. She reread the whole document before pushing 1 on her speeddial.

"You're transferring to Vegas?" she asked over Sam's hello.


"You're serious? You're actually moving here. For, for us?"

Sam paused, uncertainty tinging her voice. "Uh, yeah. Is that okay?"

"Are you kidding?" Sara gestured wildly with the papers in her free hand. "This is just... I can't believe you're coming here. To stay. When?"

"Beginning of next month. You're really okay with this?"

"Samantha, will you move in with me?"

"Of course."

Nick, just arrived for his shift, waved to Sara through the glass doors and she nodded, gesturing to the phone.

"Listen, I've got to go, but I'll call you later."

"Okay. Sara?"


"Love you."

"Love you, too."

Hanging up, Sara turned away from the glass and Nick and let the giddy grin take over her face. Composing herself, she managed to tone it down to a happy smile and folded the transfer fax, sticking it in her jeans pocket as she joined Nick in the hall.

"Ready for what tonight's gonna bring?"

"You bet."

Tags: csi/wat
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