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CSI RPS- Read and Review

Title: Read and Review
Fandom: CSI RPS
Pairing: George/Eric
Rating: PG
Summary: Eric writes fanfic.

Eric dashed for the computer, dropping his bag as he threw himself into the chair. He drummed his fingers against the desk as the computer booted up and eagerly clicked into his account.

"Eric?" Geroge stuck his head into the room. "Hey man. What's going on?"

Eric waved at him distractedly. "I'm checking my comments."

George entered the room fully and crossed to behind Eric, resting one hand on his shoulder. "Comments?"

"Yeah," Eric said, focusing intently on the screen. "I wrote my first fanfic and posted it on the internet."

"Your first- Hold on, you wrote fanfic? Like the stuff you found on the net about, well, everything? Please don't tell me you wrote us." Eric turned and grinned at him.

"Well, I wrote Nick and Greg, so technically... yes."

George rubbed his forehead and looked torn between smiling and grimacing. Eric turned back to the screen. He clicked on a site and a picture of them from Chasing the Bus popped up. He clicked on somethinf elses and a page of text appeared. George leaned over Eric's shoulder to read .

" Drinking Game, by EricisGreg? Clever."

Eric grinned and kissed George's jaw. He returned to the computer and found the review section. "One review, cool. Okay, stareyednight says: 'Nice. I like the idea and I love your Nick, but Greg's a little OOC, I think. Good first fic, though.' "

George chuckled. "Nice to see you've got a handle on character you've known for six years. On the other hand... What's OOC?"

"Out of character," Eric said, waving it off. "That's just one review. She sounds like an idiot anyway. I also posted it to nickngreg, which should give me some better reviews."

"Hey now, she's a fan. And, she has good enough taste to know when Nick is being written well." George stifled a chuckle as Eric glared at him. "So, what do your other reviews say?" he asked, diverting Eric's attention.

Eric turned back to the computer and logged himself onto another site. He clicked rapidly, pages flying by. "Hah! Eight comments. Take that Miss OOC." He leaned in to read them eagerly. After a few minutes he pushed back, a frown on his face.

George leaned over Eric, who rested his head back against George's chest. "What are you upset about. These aren't bad reviews. Here, this one says 'Totally awesome fic!! I love the idea and your Greg is hilirious!! I practicely died when Nick was all akward and soooo cute. Plz write more!!!' Spelling aside, they liked it."

Eric looked torn. “Yeah...” he said. “But, none of the BNFs commented. That means they thought it wasn't good enough to comment on.”

“What's a BNF?” George asked, massaging Eric's shoulders.

Eric sighed at the warm hands on his shoulders, his head rolling back. “Big Name Fan,” he managed. “They're the best writers, usually. When they comment on a fic, that means it's good.”

George smiled. “How do you know one of them isn't a... whatever?”

Eric opened his eyes and looked up at George from upsidedown. “Beause I would know the name. I know a couple of the pen names.”

George shook his head and kissed Eric; upsidedown and just a little messy, it was exactly them and they wouldn't have had it any other way. “Come on, man. Let's go to bed. You'll live to write another day. Besides, didn't you know that Charlie Chaplin placed seventeenth in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest?”

“That's true,” Eric said, turning off the moniter and getting up. “Sometimes people just don;t recognize the real thing when it writes true to life porn for them.”

George laughed. “That's the spirit. Wait a sec, porn?”

Eric grinned. “You got it. And, for my number one fan, I'll act it out for you.>

The next day, an anonymous review was left at Great fic. Could really see it. Love Greg and Nick's dead on.


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